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Key facts and tips about steam bathing

Why is a steam bath good for you?

Bath accessories Experience natural materials…

Think of useful bathroom accessories

How showering boosts your vitality and beauty

For most people, showering is part of their daily hygiene routine. The warm water seems to make all the...

Banish stress in your personal steam paradise…

A thoroughly modern enticement. Steam baths are the absolute latest in a comfortable wellness experience.

Steaming and showering - Spoil all your senses

To relax totally means to relax all five senses.

Key facts and tips about whirling

In what way is whirl bathing good for our health?

A bubbling source of health and happiness

The natural way to unwind Even our forefathers knew that bathing in bubbling warm water releases the pure...

Key facts and tips about bathing

Why is a hot bath good for your health? Bathing in warm water has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on...

May we introduce? The queen of rapid relaxation

A warming energy source

Sound and lighting from HOESCH – cutting-edge technology for the modern bathroom

Whether it's coloured lighting from underwater spotlights or your favourite songs playing from the invisible...