Deluxe: HighEnd

What the classical bathtub already provides for physical and mental relaxation, a high class whirltub surpasses by far.

The pleasant warmth of the water harmonises perfectly with the two LED underwater spotlights, that turn the whirltub and the entire bathroom into a sea of color. Due to the whirl system the individual droplets dance on the water surface, it is a Deluxe whirling pleasure – made by HOESCH

Standard features

  • Optimum water massage from up to 8 chrome whirl jets (variable positioning),massage jet can be adjusted 15° by hand
  • Plane surface technology for flexible positioning of Venturi jets
  • 12–27 air jets in the base supplied with warm air (entry temperature 40°C)
  • Four freely selectable wellness programmes: Fitness, Relax, Vitality, Energy
  • Two standard LEDs with colour changer
  • Exceptionally efficient pumps/jets
  • Bidirectional touch-screen remote control, additional keypad on the rim of the bath +/- and interval switching
  • Perfect hygiene thanks to rigid pipe system with double piping: automatic pre-cleaning using fresh water and disinfectant for closed nozzles, automatic post-cleaning using cold water connection
  • Residual water drainage
  • Dry-run protection and fully automatic final drying of air system

Special equipment on request

  • Invisible Sound
  • vitality ward
  • E-heater
  • HOESCH Combi Plus filler
  • additional air jets in the foot and back area