HOESCH News 01/10/2022

International Day of the Older Generation

International Day of the Older Generation

Older people are all around us and we should appreciate them every day. Their experiences, their work and their daily lives have shaped the world as we know it today. Today is International Older Generation Day, a unique symbol of remembrance and gratitude for those who were born and remember the charm of the years and decades of the last century.


The International Day of the Older Generation has been celebrated on 1 October for 31 years. It was established by the UN General Assembly on 14 December 1990. As wellness specialists, we too think about older people every day in our work. We have prepared a special range of products to facilitate the daily use of the bathroom. Today, on this special day, we commemorate our products dedicated to those to whom we owe so much!


Hoesch LaSenia Badewanne

This unique offering in Solique mineral casting has its own version with a specially designed height of 49 cm to make it easier for older people to get into the bath. The beautiful lines and thin edges of the bathtub catch the eye. LaSenia is first and foremost a conscious design. The material comes from natural sources and the pattern itself is designed to enhance the bathroom. Simple, minimalist and therefore elegant and clean.  The height is chosen so that getting in and out of the bathtub is comfortable and safe. The additional accessory such as the bath step in the bathroom facilitates daily bathing pleasure in the bath. Back comfort is ensured by the optionally available backrest, which forms a harmonious unit with the bathtub. The white of the bath, the black of the backrest and the rim of the bath are a combination that makes an older person's bathroom an elegant focal point of the home, while providing the comforts that are so important for any older person.

One&One Shower enclosure with shower tray made of mineral cast


The shower area should be designed with the needs of older people in mind so that they feel comfortable when bathing. A clean, sleek and minimalist glass shower enclosure - preferably one that is easy to clean, the right size and a shower tray that is flush with the floor - are among the basic requirements for an ideal shower area for older people. Our brand's One&One shower enclosures are made of 8 mm thick glass with the EverClean glass surface coating, which ensures that water runs off the glass surface faster and no harsh cleaning agents need to be used. All you need is a squeegee and a dry cloth, and the shower enclosure will still look like new. When designing a shower enclosure without a shower tray, there are many details to consider - including ensuring that the water drains properly to the drain. Mineral shower trays are therefore the best addition to any shower enclosure. The shower trays should prevent water from collecting on their surface and at the same time be a harmonious addition to any shower enclosure. This is why choosing the right model of shower enclosure and shower tray is so important. We recommend the MUNA shower trays, which have been popular for years and are more diverse in their dimensions than any other series. For seniors, it is important to have a wide entry and exit area in the shower - Muna even offers shower trays with dimensions of 150x150 cm or 100x200 cm.

 It doesn't take much to show our seniors that we are thinking of them! Treat your parents or grandparents to a bathroom renovation on this special day. We want to show that there are products that can make their everyday life easier and more comfortable.