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Showering area with or without shower tray

Why a shower zone with a shower tray is a better decision than a shower enclosure without a shower tray?

Spa at home? Why not! Some ideas for healthy baths

If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub at home and enjoy spending time in it, you should take a look at...

LaSenia - The elegance in freestanding form

A freestanding bathtub is a timeless trend in the bathroom. This variant of the bathtub is often used in...

Why is it worth investing in monolithic bathtubs?

Monolithic HOESCH Specials bathtubs - iSensi and Cabo types have many advantages

The new Leros range of baths and sinks in sustainable Solique – magical rectangle with sophisticated curves

HOESCH, the bathroom manufacturer, has already shown with a host of innovative new products. The new Leros...


In times of corona and ever stronger heat waves we recommend you to think refreshingly different.

The iSensi bath is made of acrylic – a warm welcome to the new spacious HOESCH comfort zone

HOESCH uses high-grade manufacturing processes specific to the material used on its products. The new iSensi...

The bathroom of your dreams - use the complete solution

Choosing the right compatible elements in the bathroom is not easy.

Convincing all round - the Dreamscape bathtub from HOESCH wins the Plus X Award 2020 for high quality and design.

After the globally coveted Good Design Award 2018 and the German Design Award 2019, the next popular trophy...

Design Thinking for comfort

We believe that the connection between the best materials and good design can convert the time under the...