Reviva II: Comfort

A superior whirl system offering the perfect combination of wellness and hygiene.


With the whirl system Reviva II HOESCH redefines the standard, as many optional features now form part of the standard scope of delivery. Whether you prefer to control your whirltub with the modern keyboard on the tub rim or the remote control is entirely up to you. Go on a journey into your world of wellness with Reviva II and allow your body and mind the well-deserved relaxation.  

Standard features

  • Optimum water massage with up to 8 chrome rotating whirl jets (layout may vary)
  • Additional foot and back jets fitted as standard with whirl system
  • 12–23 warm air jets in the base (entry temperature 40°C)
  • 2 LEDs with colour changer fitted as standard in the combined system, optional for all other models (2 white LEDs fitted as standard)
  • Bidirectional remote control, additional keypad on the rim of the tub
  • +/- control and interval
  • Preheated, switchable aeration facility on the Power and Power + Air systems
  • Optimum hygiene thanks to semi-automatic system disinfection
  • Ozonisation
  • Residual water drainage
  • Dry-run protection and fully automatic final drying of air system 


Special equipment on request

  • automatic system disinfection
  • electric heater
  • HOESCH Combi Plus filler