Whirl bathing is more than just swirling water around. Only a HOESCH nozzle system really turns whirl bathing into a spa experience.

The iSensi whirl system promotes your feeling of well-being with an incredible choice of many different effects—from relaxing to proactively healthful.

Since back muscles often tend to be tensed up, your iSensi whirl bath can optionally include 4 back nozzles and 2 foot nozzles. These nozzles provide an intense massage effect. The soles of your feet receive a reflexology massage that pleasantly invigorates your entire body.      

Standard features

  • 12-14 Air jets (depending on model)
  • 2 LED-RGB Ø 60 mm white with controller
  • Adjustable blower 700W with pre air heating and ozonation
  • Tub rim keypad
  • HOESCH control 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Completely installed piping system
  • Visible parts in chrome finish

Special equipment on request

  • InvisibleSound
  • vitality ward
  • additional air jets for iSensi whirlsystem
  • 2 LED-RGB