Ergo+ : Premium

Different ergonomical shapes increasingly find their way in all aspects of daily life. The same applies for bathing. As the name already reveals, you can even increase the intensity of the bath with the optimally customised Ergo+ bathtubs created by yellow design. A surrounding overflow channel allows for deep immersion into refreshing water and protects from splashes during your bubbly whirlpool fun.

Standard features

  • 6–14 chrome whirl jets, depending on the model (layout may vary)
  • 4–8 whirl jets for the back, depending on the model (layout may vary)
  • Additional whirl jets for the feet in oval and square tubs
  • 17–29 warm air jets in the base (entry temperature 40°C)
  • Remote control, additional capacitive keypad on the rim of the tub
  • +/- control and interval
  • Ozonisation
  • Optional water aeration by the blower
  • Optimum hygiene thanks to semi-automatic system disinfection
  • Residual water drainage
  • Dry-run protection and fully automatic final drying of air system


Special equipment on request

  • InvisibleSound
  • Vitality ward
  • light pack with 2 or 4 LEDs
  • LED channel lighting with automatic colour changer
  • electric heater