HOESCH Inspirations 17/04/2024

5 tips against spring fatigue

5 tips against spring fatigue

It's the same every year! Spring fatigue is well known, but why we feel so tired, especially when the days get longer again, is not so clear. Although we always long for warmer days in the year after the dark winter, often our bodies don't cooperate.


Instead of finally becoming active now and getting everything done that we planned in the winter months, we remain tired and hormones go haywire. Because in spring, the hormonal balance in the body changes. We need different hormones than in winter, so the neurotransmitters in the brain send different signals to the body. This consumes a lot of energy, and it takes a while to find balance again. Unfortunately, the body responds with lack of drive and mood swings, or what is known as spring fatigue.

With HOESCH wellness tips, you will be awakened from your winter sleep!

Tips against spring fatigue

Even if the effort is difficult, stick with it and start motivated in the new season!


A steam bath is excellent for your well-being

A small steam bath in the HOESCH SensePerience opens the pores and allows further skincare products to penetrate the skin better. Paired with a wonderful scent that awakens you from your tiredness, you will start perfectly into spring! How about Euka-Menthol? This scent not only wakes you up but also strengthens your immune system!


A regenerating showering

Alternating showers in the morning stimulate circulation and metabolism. The circulation is stimulated, and your immune system is also strengthened. Your skin also benefits and is tightened and smoothed by the alternating temperatures. Extra tip: Always finish showering with a cold unit to optimize the benefits.


Exercise is good!

Exercise in the fresh air stimulates metabolism and keeps you healthy. It doesn't necessarily have to be endurance sports, but 30 minutes of walking can be easily integrated into everyday life and keeps you fit. Especially exercise in daylight helps your body to switch faster from winter to spring. Light plays a crucial role in the adjustment of your hormones. So get motivated and move outdoors! Take a few friends with you, it's even more fun.


Healthy meals are good for us!

Seasonal vegetables provide many vitamins that you can use well now. Healthy eating puts you in a good mood and, above all, gets us back on track. Drinking plenty of water is also important to recharge your energy. Strengthen your immune system from the inside and start fit into the warmer season.


Yoga exercises not only stretch your muscles but also relax your mind

Yoga is the perfect way to end the day and an opportunity to gather energy once again and lower stress levels. Ideally, outdoors or in the bathtub.