HOESCH Inspirations 14/02/2022

Bathtub yoga for deep relaxation

Bathtub yoga for deep relaxation

Do you practice yoga but haven't had time to go to a yoga class lately? Don't have the space at home to practise it? This is something for you! Practice yoga in the bathtub!

Do you love a hot bath?

For those of us who do, this accessible form of water therapy is an invitation to relax, unwind and renew.

Hot water raises body temperature, causing blood vessels to dilate and improving circulation. The heat also releases endorphins, which makes you feel good. The heat can relieve mild pain (especially if you add Epsom salts), relieve headaches, strengthen our immune system and improve sleep. Muscle tension and mental stress seem to melt away when we enjoy the present moment.

Now add some simple yoga stretches and meditation exercises and you have a great therapeutic combination!

Practising yoga in the bathtub has two distinct advantages. Firstly, the warm temperature prepares our muscles and connective tissue optimally for stretching. You will be amazed at how flexible you are!  Secondly, the buoyancy factor of the water is easy on our joints.

It's amazing how many postures you can do in the tub! Just as we use props in yoga class, the tub itself can be a prop to support and facilitate certain postures. The shape of the tub is great for forward bends that calm and relax our nervous system.

Some postures can be done in the tub: seated forward bend, cowface arms, neck and shoulder stretch, seated pigeon, twisted root, garland pose, side stretch and seated twist. Most of the asanas can be done in the bath.

Half an hour of yoga in the bathtub replaces the gym! It is not only ideal for busy people, but also for mothers who only have time for themselves when bathing.

May your bath be an experience of self-care, joy and deep relaxation.