Bathtub iSensi Trapezoidale-shaped

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iSensi Trapez

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Hydromassage system

Including corresponding frame; only available for bathtubs without whirlpool system more information you find here FOR THE BATHROOM

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Bathtub iSensi trapeze-shaped

Bathtub iSensi Trapezoidale-shaped



The iSensi bath is made of bathroom-quality acrylic – a warm welcome to the new spacious HOESCH comfort zone. iSensi offering an extremely spacious comfort zone. This is provided for by the centrally positioned outlet in the oval basic shape. The positive properties of the highgrade cast bathroom quality acrylic also provide for relaxation and well-being. The material insulates heat extremely well and its surface is very smooth, pore-free and insensitive. This feels pleasantly warm and cosy, as well as being easier to look after.

Technical Data

More Information
Typ iSensi Trapez
Capacity (l) 174
Intrasat weight 26.0
EAN code 4144559132655

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Bathtub iSensi Trapezoidale-shaped