HOESCH News 26/04/2024

Shower trays for individual needs from HOESCH

Shower trays for individual needs from HOESCH

A shower tray is a key element of any shower enclosure, creating a harmonious and functional shower area. However, we often encounter a problem - standard sizes of shower trays don't always perfectly fit the dimensions of our bathrooms.

In such situations, turn to products from HOESCH - shower trays that you can customize to your needs! As specialists in the field of bathrooms, we are aware that every bathroom is different and often characterized by unusual shapes and dimensions. In such cases, adapting ready-made solutions to your own needs can be a challenge.

We have taken this into account and offer you our selection of shower trays. The range of sizes and shapes of Solique shower trays from HOESCH is so wide that everyone will find a product that meets their expectations. However, if the available space for the shower area has unusual dimensions, we also have a solution for that. The Solique HOESCH shower trays can be cut to the desired measurements, which is ideal for those seeking individual solutions. Whether dealing with niches, corners, or other fixtures, our shower trays can be perfectly adapted to your unique bathroom area.

Nias shower tray

The NIAS series are shower trays with a textured surface and the highest slip resistance class. Nias are shower trays that offer exceptional customization options. The special geometry ensures the maintenance of a horizontal surface of the rim, allowing for an ideal installation of the shower enclosure, provided it is precisely cut in the designated area. NIAS shower trays can be ordered pre-cut, and it is advisable to consider this option. The cutting is done in our factory, and the cut sides are appropriately finished.

Cutability of mineral cast shower trays

But that's not all the options available in our brand! The other shower trays - MUNA and MUNA S - can also be customized to your needs. Moreover, you can do this yourself as well. Nothing is more satisfying than a shower area designed by you. To cut the shower tray to the desired measurements, simply use an angle grinder with a suitable diamond blade or similar to cutting a tile. You can also use a table saw with appropriate blades. The shower trays from the MUNA and MUNA S series, made from Solique mineral cast, can be cut in the designated areas, allowing for adaptation to unusual shapes such as niches or fixtures. We have only introduced one limitation - for safety reasons, an area of 300 mm around the drain is excluded from the possibility of dimensional modification.

Positioning the glass partition wall on the shower tray after cutting to size

With HOESCH shower trays that adapt to your needs, you can easily create the perfect bathroom that meets all your expectations!