HOESCH Inspirations 05/04/2022

Partial refurbishment with HOESCH-New complete solution nUnity

Partial refurbishment with HOESCH-New complete solution nUnity

In the partial renovation of a bathroom, unlike the complete renovation, the floor plan of the room remains unchanged. Only the desired functionalities of the bathroom are adapted. Partial renovation makes the bathroom more age-appropriate, family-friendly or visually appealing than before. It makes it possible to solve the most common problems, such as replacing the bathtub with a shower, the lack of suitable furniture in the bathroom, repairing the bathroom after a flood or replacing the washbasin or bathtub with a new one.

Partial renovation is recommended especially for people who do not want to carry out a complex bathroom renovation, but only want to improve the functionality of some elements or replace them with new ones.

The most common option in partial renovation is to replace a bathtub with a low shower tray to make the bathroom intergenerational.

Advantages of partial renovation:

- Less time required for the conversion or remodelling work

- Calculable costs

- Less chaos due to dirt, dust and noise

We show you 3 before - after inspirations of our new complete solution nUnity.