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Let yourself be enchanted by the luxurious style of HOESCH's trapezoid bathtub!

Let yourself be enchanted by the luxurious style of HOESCH's trapezoid bathtub!

Trapezoid bathtubs combine beauty, comfort, and functionality. They are used in bathrooms with unconventional shapes or small dimensions, where traditional bathtubs may prove too large and impractical. They are ideal for those who appreciate comfort and convenience but have limited space. Trapezoid bathtubs are well-suited for bathrooms with a modern or minimalist style. Thanks to their unique shape, they can bring a touch of originality and interesting design to the space.

HOESCH offers a rich range of trapezoid bathtubs

They can be found in several series:

iSensi Trapezwanne

  • iSensi - Elegant curves on the outside, gentle ergonomics on the inside. Monolith or built-in version - the choice is yours! Whichever version you choose, a wonderful bathing experience awaits you. The 45 cm deep bathtubs are available in 4 sizes. We've ensured that everyone - regardless of the dimensions of their bathroom - has the opportunity to fit this unique bathtub, awarded with the German Design Award 2024, into their space..
Largo Trapezwanne
  • Largo - There are two bathtub sizes: 180x130cm and 180x140cm with a depth of 48cm, offering the possibility of bathing for two people. With the incomparable trapezoid Largo bathtub, you can give your bathroom a geometric style. As the name suggests, Largo impresses with a comfortable interior and optimal depth, providing bathing pleasure at the highest level.
Spectra Trapezwanne
  • Spectra - The originality of the Spectra bathtub family is expressed in its naturally beautiful form. Comfortable backrests, streamlined design, and appropriate length of the bathtub floor promote long-lasting relaxation. The design of the bathtub with its angled longitudinal side allows for positioning other bathroom fixtures directly next to it. Save a little space and make your bathroom fully functional
Thasos Trapezwanne
  • Thasos - The trendy trapezoid bathtubs not only add a modern,geometric accent to the bathroom but also offer more comfort due to their spacious interior. Consider bathing from an entirely new perspective with the unique Thasos trapezoid bathtub.

Properly adapting the bathtub variant to the layout and space of the bathroom is one of the most important requirements for a practical and functional interior design. If you decide to purchase a trapezoid bathtub, it is advisable to carefully measure your bathroom and analyze your preferences and needs. 

Discover exceptional quality and comfort in a trapezoid bathtub

Trapezoid bathtubs are an interesting bathing solution. Discover a few reasons why you should choose this shape:

Trapezförmige Spectra Badewanne in einem kleinen Badezimmer

  • Space-saving - Trapezoid bathtubs have a non-standardized shape, allowing you to save valuable inches in your bathroom and increase usable space. They are suitable for both smaller and larger bathrooms - it depends on the series and the dimensions offered.
  • Comfortable use - Trapezoid bathtubs have a variably sized interior surface, allowing you to move freely in the tub. This makes using such a bathtub comfortable.
  • Original design - Trapezoid bathtubs have a unique and modern design that can bring a touch of style and originality to the bathroom. They are ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Easy to install - Trapezoid bathtubs can be easily installed with tiles or panels to create a uniform and clean surface in the bathroom. This contributes to the aesthetics and elegance of the bathroom.
  • Availability of different sizes - Trapezoid bathtubs are available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the right tub for your bathroom and your needs.

  Trapezwanne mit Whirlsysteme

The trapezoid bathtub offers full bathing comfort, even for two people. Each version in our range is made of sanitary acrylic, a material that is very pleasant to the skin. This material is easy to clean and looks like new for a long time, making the bathtub the centerpiece of our bathroom furnishings. As a manufacturer of bathroom equipment, we encourage you to opt for solutions that are not obvious, unusual, and not necessarily standard. A bathroom with a trapezoid bathtub is unique and offers genuine bathing pleasure.

iSensi Trapezwanne bi-color

Experience unique relaxation in a trapezoid bathtub from our brand!