HOESCH News 12/04/2024

Discover elegance and refinement with the LaBrillante series from HOESCH

Discover elegance and refinement with the LaBrillante series from HOESCH

A bath is a magical moment of relaxation and rejuvenation. Now you can enhance this time with our latest bathtub - the LaBrillante series combines top-notch functionality with unparalleled style.

A jewel in the bathroom

LaBrillante - A jewel in the bathroom

A comfortable and beautiful bathtub is one of the most essential elements in the bathroom. LaBrillante is more than just a bathtub. It is a masterpiece crafted from Solique mineral casting, blending natural material origin with refined aesthetics. Our LaBrillante bathtubs shine like jewels in the bathroom - meticulously crafted with attention to detail and harnessing the best of nature – Solique is a blend of dolomite and resin, making the tubs not only extremely durable but also luxurious.

  LaBrillante -  wall-type bathtub

LaBrillante is the answer to the quest for a new version of the oval bathtub. The shape echoes the traditional freestanding bathtub, which, thanks to its wall attachment and angular form, fits perfectly into bathroom designs. A characteristic feature is the shelf on the wall, allowing for convenient installation of the faucet and storage of necessary bath accessories, making your bathing experience even more functional and enjoyable.

LaBrillante - Corner version

The LaBrillante design comes in three variations. The bathtub measuring 1800x800 is available as a wall-mounted, right-hand, and left-hand corner version. LaBrillante offers flexibility in designing your bathroom area. Choose the version that best suits your bathroom design.

  LaBrillante - Variants

  • Back-to-wal bathtub - This version of LaBrillante fits seamlessly into the bathroom area and is ideal for spaces of any size. Its shape emphasizes the uniqueness of the bathing area, becoming the center of home spa enjoyment.

  • Corner bathtub - The corner version of LaBrillante is an excellent solution for those who want to maximize the available space in the bathroom. Its unique shape allows for elegant placement in the corner of the room while saving valuable space.

LaBrillante - bi-color bathtub

LaBrillante - one design, many possibilities

LaBrillante can be tailored to your individual aesthetic preferences. Whether in elegant glossy white, subdued matte white, or boldly two-toned - as a combination of elegant white with black or slate gray - the choice is yours. Let your bathtub reflect your unique style.

  LaBrillante - left bathtub

With each bath in the LaBrillante tub, you experience luxury and comfort at the highest level. Transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and showcase your unique taste with the LaBrillante series from HOESCH - let our bathroom diamond become a highlight of your bathroom.