Countertop washbasins - fittings in trends

HOESCH Inspirations 20/05/2022

Countertop washbasins - fittings in trends

Countertop washbasins - fittings in trends

An exemplary bathroom is a combination of functionality with an aesthetically coherent, attractive appearance. There is no room for compromises - we expect that the room will not only be in line with our aesthetics, but also with the most practical layout and focused on the needs of its target users.

There can be many dilemmas on the way to the desired effects, also when it comes to choosing bathroom ceramics. Modern arrangement solutions, however, more and more clearly indicate the type of washbasins that will work in practically every bathroom.

Stylish and functional washbasin in a modern bathroom

The washbasins differ in the way they are mounted. Fixed to the wall, free-standing (e.g. traditional models on a ceramic leg, hiding installation elements), furniture, recessed into the countertop and countertop washbasins. Interior design trends in recent years indicate countertop washbasins as the most desirable models in contemporary arrangements. Fashion and undeniable aesthetic values go hand in hand in this case with functionality and ease of use.

Fashion for functional aesthetics - countertop washbasins

The way the washbasin is mounted above the top surface exposes its entire bowl. This stylish and elegant solution gives the bathroom character, constituting not only a practical (and necessary) element of this room's equipment, but also its decor. These types of washbasins will work well in bathrooms, decorated in almost any arrangement style. A universal and at the same time strong visual accent will enrich the interiors of minimalist and modern bathrooms, as well as those referring to retro or loft style.

Although the attractive appearance of a countertop washbasin and the wide possibilities of adjusting it to the style of bathroom arrangement are very important here, they are not the only advantages of this type of equipment. If you decide to place a cabinet under the countertop, you will gain much more space in it than in the case of a sink hidden under the countertop. In addition, the appropriate mounting height and the selection of an easy-to-clean worktop will introduce a new level of comfort to your bathroom.

Countertop washbasin - what should you remember?

When choosing a countertop washbasin, you should remember about a few important issues that may determine the level of its functionality and comfort in everyday use.

First of all, when installing this type of washbasin, you should correctly determine the installation height. The distance of the upper edge of the washbasin (and not the countertop!) From the floor surface should be about 85 cm. The deeper the wash basin, the lower the worktop should be mounted. You cannot forget to choose the right fittings - taking into account not only the manufacturer, and thus the quality, but also the design features themselves. Countertop washbasins Carta come in two versions: with and without tap holes. In the second case, a suitably high model of a flat-top battery, mounted to the tabletop, or a wall-mounted battery should be selected.

A countertop washbasin - modern trends

It does not matter whether it is a spacious bathroom in the bedroom or a small bathroom in a block or in the attic - the countertop washbasin is a universal element of bathroom equipment. Regardless of the style of the room, you can easily find the perfect model for your needs. Although there are both round bowls and fancy-shaped countertop washbasins available on the market, rectangular models are among the most popular. The simple shape ensures maximum use of space, it is also easy to match it with other bathroom equipment, and the classic design ensures that the fittings will work for many years.

Interior design trends, based on more and more modern solutions, try to keep up with the needs and requirements of modern people, both in a practical and aesthetic dimension. No wonder that countertop washbasins are so often chosen by interior architects, decorators and everyday users, and their popularity is gradually growing.