HOESCH News 16/03/2023

Bi-Color by HOESCH with Solique

Bi-Color by HOESCH with Solique

HOESCH presents a new collection of Bi-Color products that transform the bathroom into a modern and stylish ambience. With the Bi-Color bathtubs and washbasins made of Solique mineral casting, HOESCH is once again setting standards in the field of bathroom design.

Namur be-color

The Bi-Color products from HOESCH combine two colours to create an eye-catching and modern look in the bathroom. The Solique products such as bathtubs and washbasins are available in two colour combinations: white/black and white/slate grey. This colour combination adds a special charm to the bathroom.

The new Bi-Color bathtubs and washbasins are made of Solique mineral cast and offer a hard-wearing and easy-care surface. Solique is a high-quality material that offers a seamless and smooth surface that is easy to clean. To meet individual needs and requirements, the new Bi-Color products are equally available in different sizes and shapes.

LaSenia be-color

With the Bi-Color products from HOESCH, the bathroom becomes a place that combines elegance and modernity. The unique contrast between white and black or slate grey makes the bathtubs and washbasins look like true works of art, which becomes the highlight of the bathroom.

  Namur Lounge be-color

The advantages of Bi-Color products briefly:


  • Aesthetics: Bathroom products in Bi-Color can be an interesting eye-catcher in the bathroom and lend a certain aesthetic and elegance.
  • Personalisation: The possibility of combining two colours allows you to personalise the bathtub or washbasin and adapt it to your own taste and style.
  • Contrast: Using two different colours can create a contrast that makes the bathtub/washbasin stand out and gives it a unique look.
  • Creativity: a bathtub / washbasin in Bi-Color can be a creative and innovative choice and enhance the bathroom.
  • Flexibility: as there are various possible combinations, Bi-Color bathtubs and washbasins can be used in diverse bathroom designs and easily adapt to the existing colour palette. 

HOESCH products in Bi-Colour are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer flexibility and personalisation options.

Be-Colour with HOESCH!