HOESCH Inspirations 19/04/2024

Be-color - two colors - one product

Be-color - two colors - one product

Elegance and sophistication in your bathroom!

The Solique bathtubs and sinks, as well as the iSensi Monolith bathtubs, have received an even more modern update. These exclusive products are available not only in pure white but also in two-tone versions: white-black or slate gray-white. The unique contrast between slate gray or black and white makes the bathtubs and sinks look like true works of art and bathroom highlights.

Transform your bathroom into a masterpiece and play with colors!

Namur white and white-black

In the hectic world of everyday life, a moment in the bathroom can be not only a time of relaxation but also a true ceremony in which we celebrate ourselves. Therefore, it is extremely important that every detail of this personal sanctuary reflects our style and taste. Here comes our range of Solique mineral cast bathtubs and Monolith acrylic bathtubs iSensi, available in three color variants: white, black-white, and slate gray-white.

Namur bi-color

The HOESCH range offers a variety of bathing solutions for those who want to make their bathroom a place of daily relaxation. The selection of mineral cast bathtubs develops on several fascinating levels and meets the diverse needs and preferences of our customers. The three main series - Namur, Namur Lounge, and LaSenia - not only offer a variety of shapes but also unique features that make each bathtub almost a work of art. Each series also offers matching countertop sinks, making the washing area an outstanding part of the bathroom.

LaSenia bi-color

The Namur series presents elegant, freestanding oval bathtubs and sinks, where the delicacy of the form is combined with refined functionality. Namur Lounge sets a higher standard by adding a higher side to the classic form and an innovatively designed bottom profile, providing even greater user comfort and faster water drainage to the siphon. LaSenia, on the other hand, stands out for its unique shape, which harmoniously combines oval and rectangle, creating a design masterpiece that becomes the focal point of any bathroom.

iSensi bi-color round

Our range also includes the iSensi series - Monolith bathtubs that surprise with their variety of shapes and design possibilities. From freestanding ovals to wall-mounted and corner versions, to trapezoidal designs, each bathtub in this series is an expression of adaptability to your needs. So you can be sure to find the perfect bathtub for your bathroom regardless of size or configuration. Customizing your tub to your space has never been easier! But that's not all!

Now this wide range of bathtubs and sinks has another facet - two-tone versions. The HOESCH product range includes not only classic white bathtubs and sinks but also elegant combinations of white with black or slate gray, giving your bathroom a unique character. Whether you're setting up a small bathroom in your apartment or designing an exclusive bathroom, our two-tone bathtubs fit perfectly into any design.

Two-tone bathtubs and sinks emphasize the ambiance of any bathroom and give it a special character. The white-black bathtub adds elegance and subtle contrast, emphasizing modernity, while the white-slate gray seamlessly blends into minimalist arrangements, adding a touch of noble simplicity.

Each color has a different meaning. The choice of color becomes a crucial element in the bathroom design process, as it can significantly influence the overall appearance and atmosphere of the room.

Namur Lougne white-black

The white-black combination symbolizes elegance, contrasting the softness of white with the depth of black. This combination of classic simplicity and modern charm fits perfectly with various interior styles and in the bathroom becomes not only an expression of style but also a manifesto of refined tastes.

LaBrillante bi-color slate grey

The white-slate gray color palette brings a touch of subtlety and modernity to the bathroom area. The graphite accent gives the interior an elegant character, emphasizing the minimalist lines by clearly defining individual elements. This is a choice for those looking for harmony between modernity and subtlety, functionality, and aesthetics.

bi-color by HOESCH

So let your bathroom not only become an oasis of tranquility but also an expression of your style and personality through our bathtubs, which make your space even more unique. When you choose our HOESCH products, you're not just choosing aesthetics but also comfort and functionality.