SensePerience 5-corner variant

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SensePerience Fünfeck
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SensePerience 5-corner version single seater

SensePerience 5-corner variant



Harmony for body and soul. SensePerience combines a shower with a steam cabin in one single product and can be perfectly integrated even in small bathrooms. The steam bath is both relaxing and refreshing. The transparent, lightweight design and high degree of freedom of movement in the shower make the shower or steam bath an unforgettable experience. Music via Bluetooth and a colour changer create a very pleasant atmosphere. Perfect relaxation! Steam cabin with shower tray with anti-slip material. Basic equipment: – Rear panels in white made of toughened safety glass with EverClean coating – Front glass without frame, made of toughened safety glass with EverClean coating – Top made of laminated safety glass – High-capacity control panel integrated in the glass – Steam generator with automatic rinse and decalcification – Steam jet with a condensate drip tray – Glass function column – Thermostat 1/2", 1 shut-off valve – Rain shower, waterfall outlet and mist nozzle, can be operated electronically – Sound module with radio, 2 speakers – Bluetooth – LED strip with colour changer in the roof frame

Technical Data

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Typ SensePerience Fünfeck
Doors Swing door
Intrasat weight 481.0
EAN code 4144559134055
Glass thickness 6
Hing type mit Hebe-Senk-Funktion
Handle type mit Türgriff

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SensePerience 5-corner variant