How showering boosts your vitality and beauty

HOESCH News 21/01/2020

How showering boosts your vitality and beauty

How showering boosts your vitality and beauty
For most people, showering is part of their daily hygiene routine. The warm water seems to make all the little problems of everyday life disappear, leaving you with a feeling of cleanliness and simply "being". A shower can do much more, too: you can use that jet of water specifically to boost your health. It strengthens your immune system and stimulates your blood supply, so that you feel fitter, and your skin is tauter and looks younger. We can show you how this works.

In what way is showering good for our health?
Warm showers and contrast showers have a noticeable effect on our body and our mood:
• You can feel how the hot water releases tense muscles.
• Showering puts less strain on your circulation than taking a bath.
• Contrast showers stimulate the circulation, strengthen the immune system and make skin tauter.
• Massaging with brushes or special massage mitts activates the blood supply and the body's natural detoxing process and removes dead skin cells.
• You will feel fresh and invigorated.

Does showering help reduce stress?
Showering is part of our daily feel-good routines. As well as being a time for washing and caring for your body, an enjoyable shower in the morning can be a time when you can concentrate entirely on yourself. It is the ideal way to start the day feeling calmer, and do yourself some good first thing in the morning. Then you are well-prepared to cope with the stress and hurly-burly.

What temperature should the shower water be? How long should one stay in the shower?
A temperature of 37 to 38 degrees is perfect for a shower. Water that is too hot attacks the skin's natural protective layer. Staying in the shower too long also dries the skin. So a shower should last no more than five minutes.
What kind of skincare products would you recommend?
Especially if you have dry or sensitive skin, you should not put the naturally acidic protective layer of your skin under additional strain by using aggressive skincare products. Even the best product is not as good as your skin's natural protective layer. Make sure that shower gel has a pH value between 7 (neutral) and 5 (acidic). Shower oils and creams are also highly recommended. For example, you should only use shower gel under your armpits or on your feet, i.e. on parts of your body that need cleaning because of sweat or dirt. For the rest of your body, cleaning with  water is quite sufficient.

 Wellness Tips

Properly selected shower gel lets to cleanse your skin during showering, without causing dryness. The physiological balance of the skin guarantees its healthy appearance and smooth and soft surface. Simple operation, which is the washing of the skin in the shower can also be a moment of rest and relaxation, or act refreshing and energizing, thanks to aromatic extracts, such as lemongrass extract, cucumber, green tea, grapefruit and ginger.