Thasos Trapezoidale-shaped

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Thasos Trapez

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Hydromassage system

Including corresponding frame; only available for bathtubs without whirlpool system more information you find here FOR THE BATHROOM

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Thasos trapeze-shaped

Thasos Trapezoidale-shaped



The trendy bathtubs in trapeze shape do not only set modern geometric accents in the bathroom, but also ensure more convenience thanks to the spacious interior dimensions. Consider bathing from a totally new perspective with the unique Thasos Trapeze.

Technical Data

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Typ Thasos Trapez
Capacity (l) 200
Intrasat weight 34.0
EAN code 4044559015463

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CAD-Drawings whirlpool systems
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Operating instructions Laola II
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Operating instructions Tergum
Thasos Trapezoidale-shaped