DP3D Goldene Flamme

DPD3D aim is to show what is the importance of conducting a three-dimensional brand in times of synergistic markets, medial flooding of stimulus and intensifying competition crushing. Therefore, they are awarded creative activities that reflect the brand’s appreciably by its identity and value in the transfer form. DPD3D wants to be by the award “ Goldene Flamme: signpost as to force context between design and brand, and thus develop a new metric design 3D. Goldene Flamme is a special prize DP3D. The Prize is awarded in five categories: construction, industrial buildings, a world sensations, an interior design and world of products, temporary architecture, world products, useful art, consmer goods and the world of devices, furniture. Additionally, the jury awards three special awards for the convergence of all three-dimensional actions of one company, the best ambassador of German designer culture and the best publisher on 3D.