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Happy D. Vorwand

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Hydromassage system

Including corresponding frame; only available for bathtubs without whirlpool system more information you find here FOR THE BATHROOM

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The designer Dieter Sieger is famous for his transparent design which combines sophisticated details with comfort. Rounded corners give the bathtub a uniquely characteristic look.Rounded corners give the bathtub a uniquely characteristic look. Its spacious interior and significant length allow relaxation - from head to foot. As built-in version or with moulded-on apron.

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Typ Happy D. Vorwand
Capacity (l) 140
Intrasat weight 43.0
EAN code 4018232371351

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CAD-Drawings 2D
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CAD-Drawings whirlpool systems
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Installation instructions
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Operating instructions Deluxe
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Operating instructions Laola II
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Operating instructions Reviva II
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Operating instructions Tergum
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