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iSensi oval monoblock

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iSensi Oval Monoblock

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Hydromassage system

Including corresponding frame; only available for bathtubs without whirlpool system (exception: Tergum) more information you find here FOR THE BATHROOM

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iSensi oval monoblock

iSensi oval monoblock



With its strong inner values, appealingly contoured silhouette and luxurious comfort when reclining, iSensi is the ideal bathroom highlight. The combination of a new and sophisticated production process with specialised expertise has created a perfectly seamless monoblock. The surface always feels warm to the touch, is extremely smooth and pore-free, and also shines with an incredible lustre.

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Typ iSensi Oval Monoblock
Capacity (l) 201
EAN code 4044559326033

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iSensi oval monoblock