Foster oval freestanding

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Foster Oval freistehend

Including corresponding frame; only available for bathtubs without whirlpool system (exception: Tergum) more information you find here FOR THE BATHROOM

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Foster oval freestanding

Foster oval freestanding



Minimalism and elegance are the mark of British architect Sir Norman Foster's designs, who created the dome of the Reichstag building in Berlin, for example. Individuality and freedom are not just words to Foster - they are core values, shaping personal experience. In light of this, his bathroom furniture become means for regeneration and well-being, creating an essential living space. The luxuriously spacious interior with opulent floor length invite you to fully surrender to the relaxing bathing experience. The asymmetrically shaped rim allows for convenient access, and also creates a shelf for fittings at its widest point.

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Typ Foster Oval freistehend
Capacity (l) 200
Intrasat weight 105
EAN code 4018233775219

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Foster oval freestanding